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15:0022 Apr 2021
At this hands-on online-tutorial BBC trained video journalist Rob Glass will show you how to deliver engaging video content with your smartphone.

While the way we work has evolved, video remains as relevant as ever. Being able to create short videos on your own will allow you the freedom and power to say what you want, when you want, using the medium that people prefer. Advanced smartphones make creating videos mobile and easy. But how do you ensure your videos stand out for their quality and content?

BBC-trained videographer Rob Glass will show you how to embrace the power of storytelling and produce excellent videos simply and efficiently with your smartphone.


You will learn how to make a compelling video from scratch using the video functions on your smartphone, without the need for costly equipment or editing software. You will create your own video content during the class, and Rob will give you expert feedback throughout the tutorial.

This masterclass is ideal for PR professionals with little to intermediate experience in video recording or editing. All you need is an up-to-date Apple or Android phone.

Course content

  • The foundations of well-made video
  • How to get the most out of your device’s camera
  • Mastering a relevant free editing app
  • How to take great shots
  • How to present in front of camera
  • How to effectively film people chatting
  • Writing and recording engaging voiceover
  • Weaving all the different elements together
  • How to tell stories using video
  • Sharing your videos with the world


Before the course

  • Please make sure your smartphone has at least 2GB of free memory
  • Download Kinemaster for free (ignore any prompts to pay). The app is available free of cost for android or ios.
  • Please check if Zoom works on the device that you will use to attend the class. Logins will be sent out to each participant.


Sign-up now by writing us an e-mail. Costs: 220 Euro (For clients of »OBSERVER« 180 Euro)