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18:0027 Apr 2021
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    The international festival for Influencers, Rebels, Startups and Pioneers, Visionaries, Gamechangers & You!


    The 4PIONEERS Day offers a varied and rich program on two stages for and with students, entrepreneurs, business angels, investors, comapanies and pioneering personalities.


    The 4FUTURE Day is all about the next generation. Thrilling topics like Education 4.0, Gender Equality, Climate Change and Generation Z will be discussed on stage through talks, interviews and panel discussions.


    The 4GAMECHANGERS Day consists of sessions, panels and keynote talks from gamechangers of all ages, startups and companies, stakeholders from business, industry and politics, art and culture and the media industry, as well as great personalities from all over the world.

    *4JOBS* (NEW!)

    For the first time in 2020, we are introducing a fourth day, “4Jobs”. We will look at the labor market and how the digital transformation has changed the way we work. On-stage discussions will focus on topics such as Future Jobs, Women in Tech, Employer Branding and Leadership in the age of rapid digitalization.