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28 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020
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    Master Class with Gervase R. Bushe, Award-Winning Professor of Leadership & Change

    Accelerating Change
    The secret sauce of successful transformation
    Master Class with Gervase Bushe, Michael Roehrig and Joachim Schwendenwein

    Little needs to be written here about the struggle to lead and manage change today. All of us know fully well the constant demands for increased organizational agility, digital transformation, continuous efficiency, and adaptive thinking. Whether or not you have taken another workshop on leading change, it is likely you still feel uncertain and challenged how to make change succeed in your organization.

    This exclusive Master Class aims to close the loop on that uncertainty (and perhaps settle your stomach) to give you the deep insights and confidence you need to master leading and managing successful change.

    On February 28/29, 2020, you will have the rare opportunity to learn about the ingredients of successful change first-hand directly from Gervase Bushe. Gervase is one of the leading experts on generative change and author and editor of the global standard reference book “Dialogic Organization Development – The Theory and Practice of Transformational Change” (Berrett-Koehler, 2015). He has spent decades studying the success factors of change and deciphering the “secret sauce” that enables successful and transformational change.

    Gervase is joining forces with two of his co-authors, Michael Roehrig and Joachim Schwendenwein, each with more than 25 years of experience with generative change both as advisors and from within world class organizations to bring you leading-edge knowledge from academia, business and consulting.

    Their ideas go beyond the ordinary rubrics you’ve heard before - creating a vision, attracting followers, inspiring engagement, etc. What you will learn and take away clearly is more fundamental than change methods and tactics. It is a ground-breaking new framework for thinking about the nature of change and approaching organizational transformation.

    Who will benefit from attending?

    This Master Class addresses leaders, executives, project managers, consultants and facilitators who have complex, difficult issues that require transformational changes in their organizations or client organizations, and who are looking for new perspectives and tools. While we recommend attending both days in combination, we also provide the opportunity to book and attend only Day 1.
    Participants will receive a copy of Gervases newest Book "The Dynamics of Generative Change" (BMI 2020).


    On Day 1 Gervase will guide you, revealing his extensively researched and proven concept of triggering and guiding generative change to unleash the inherent agility in an organization. You will learn, for example, how generative images help build a shared mindset that invites emergent change to take shape across the entire organization. Co-presenters Michael and Joachim will assist you in harvesting your insights and examining a few actual situations of change among the group. You will:

    • Gain new perspectives on change and why the old methods often do not work
    • Understand how stakeholders are motivated to change
    • Understand the "secret sauce" of successful transformation
    • See how to replace a vision with a generative image, creating a pull for change
    • Understand why “probes” create more change more quickly than plans or consensus
    • Explore the leadership capabilities required for successful transformation
    • Leave with ideas you can immediately apply

    On Day 2 Michael and Joachim will present a highly practical framework for amplifying change which will help you to approach your transformation challenges. An intensive Action Learning Workshop provides the opportunity to work in small groups on real change cases participants are facing. The goal is for you to walk away with new perspectives, clear strategies and concrete actions for accelerating your own change agenda. You will:

    • Explore the "Amplifying Change" framework by Gervase, Michael and Joachim
    • Apply your insights to real cases brought up by participants
    • Generate ideas and options in structured case clinics
    • Discuss specific questions with your guides and the other participants
    • Define your next steps to accelerate your own change agenda
    • Develop greater knowledge and confidence to become an effective Change Leader


    Who will be your guides?

    Gervase R. Bushe, PhD, is the Professor of Leadership and Organization Development at the Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. For more than 40 years, Gervase has combined consulting and research to produce both award-winning academic articles and award-winning change projects. His work has focused on the design and leadership of collaborative organizations, the development of executive teams, and processes of transformational change. He worked for clients like American Airlines, General Motors or Microsoft. His latest book is called "The Dynamics of Generative Change".



    Michael Roehrig has been cultivating collective leadership and co-creative change for more than 25 years. He has extensive experience as an internal and external consultant and as a practice leader and VP for Organizational Development in three global corporations: ABB, SAP and Freudenberg. Michael has a passion for building leadership and change capabilities across the organization, in order to safeguard the viability and future success of a company. He has facilitation and consulting experience in 24 countries and maintains a consulting practice in Germany with an international partner network.



    Dr. Joachim Schwendenwein maintains a global consulting practice, supporting leadership-teams of organizations of all sizes and sectors through challenging transformative processes. Joachim’s focus is on helping organizations create sustainable strategic capabilities that foster innovation, change acumen and continuous learning. Joachim draws on 20 years international experience having worked on four continents with companies and brands like Daimler, Doctors without borders, Hugo Boss and many others. He lectures on Group- and Organization Dynamics at various Austrian universities, facilitated at Stanford and chaired the Austrian Association for Group-Dynamics and Organization Consulting for a decade.