”Together We Strengthen Our Bilateral Friendship”
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Victoria Reggie Kennedy
DOSSIERS Redaktion 02.02.2024

”Together We Strengthen Our Bilateral Friendship”

U.S. Ambassador to Austria, Victoria Reggie Kennedy.

Geleitwort der US-Botschafterin ••• Von Victoria Reggie Kennedy

In my nearly two years as Ambassador in Austria, I have had the opportunity to witness in person the strength of the Austrian-American relationship. We work closely on a host of bilateral issues, from law enforcement and defense cooperation to trade and investment, as well as in multilateral organizations. We are standing firmly together with Ukraine against Russian aggression while at the same time investing in our bilateral trade and business ties, creating economic opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic.

The depth of our relationship goes beyond diplomatic and economic ties. It is a true partnership between people who share values, history, and common interests. For this we owe much to organizations like the Austro-American Society. Your efforts bring together Austrian and American companies, individuals, and organizations, ensuring an ever-closer partnership.
The Austro-American Society emerged in the post-war period, around the same time that international organizations we now cherish were born and that the U.S. Marshall Plan helped revitalize Austria. Today, we celebrate Austria’s role as a pillar of stability, both economically and politically, in the heart of Europe.
But we must never lose sight of the need to continue to defend the democratic ideals and political and economic stability of our countries we worked so hard to build. Putin’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine and utter disregard for human rights and fundamental freedoms present the greatest threat to democratic principles and values the world has experienced since World War II.
In the face of the unspeakable violence and tragedy, the United States is proud to work alongside our allies and partners, like Austria, to provide humanitarian support to Ukraine and to impose severe costs on Russia as it tries to tear at the fabric of democracy in Europe and threaten the very idea of a Europe ”whole, free, and at peace”.
There is so much that connects the people of Austria to the people of the United States. Our challenge is always to transmit this history, these shared values to the next generation. Even in today’s globalized and connected world, there is no substitute for bringing people together in person to talk, listen, and share ideas. This is what the Austro-American Society stands for – bringing people together. Thank you for your commitment to our friendship. Together, we will keep our relationship strong for generations to come.